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Know Your Editing Choices

Posted on September 25, 2021 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Each author has special editing needs. To save yourself time and money, look at the choices below and decide which kind of editing suits your needs.

Line editing.

Use this final expert edit after you've already revised your job three times.

Your initial revision includes all redundancies, lowering your backup by one-third.

On your next line edit, rework all of the words and phrases so they are your best. Reduce passive verb constructions (aim for 2-4percent ) and produce relatively short paragraphs. A typical sentence length is 15-17 words. Longer sentences with numerous clauses and phrases make the reader slow to comprehend. As the writer, you want your reader to stream along with ease. On your closing line edit look at your own headings, paragraphs and adjustments to ensure that your message carries power through positioning and is easy to read. Place your most dramatic phrases and words at the end of the sentence, the end of the paragraph and in the end of the chapter. While fees vary, you can expect to pay $50 to $70 for this service from an expert.

Developmental editing.

As you put your writing, thoughts and sentences forth, a developmental editor won't only polish your syntax, but fill in gaps you do not wish to take time for. It is almost like ghostwriting and you will need to pick an editor that specializes in fiction or non-fiction. You may expect to pay around $65-$75 an hour.

Ghost writing.

You give your topic, thesis or theme and chapter targets a person you wish to complete the research, put it together in chapter form, and write it to sell well. Again, you want to hire a true professional that specializes in ghost writing for your type of book, whether it's a novel, memoir, how-to, or background. Most ghostwriters do not write on speculation. Prices vary, but they're generally hourly at approximately $65 up.

If you would like to write a salable book, you'll need some professional editing. In case you have contacted a novel training partner for continuing format and writing input, then you may already be a professional author and just require a little bit of line editing as soon as your book is ready to publish.

Do not waste your time and money choosing the route that does not serve your needs.