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Writing and Self-examination

Posted on September 25, 2023 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Good writing requires self-examination. How come one writing? What area of the writer will undoubtedly be distributed to readers? Might it be only information or does it are the essence of the writer? This, then determines exactly what will be written: poetry, essays, articles, short stories, novels, or any genre of writing.

A writer's work must share section of their being, or it really is merely reporting. So when the soul or spirit of the writer is roofed, it needs a depth of self-examination; it needs searching the psyche for the most important thing and even highly relevant to the writer and therefore, to the reader. That is egoism, not egotism; the foremost is self-assurance, the second reason is vainglory.

Athough writing for profit is important, it will never function as sole reason behind writing, as that won't bring out the very best in the writer. Passion of expression, a have to communicate, a need to share part of the person--ideas, feelings, passions--and love will be the bases for exemplary and ageless writing.

Writing must fulfill a heartfelt dependence on self-expression, ego fulfillment, or perhaps a therapeutic necessity, and last, however, not least, financial reward and fame.

If writing will not foster this self-examination, it really is only a skill to utilize words, to utilize language, also to use writing to control and not to fulfill the reader.