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A Few Brief Tips to Deal with Writing Rejection

Posted on July 25, 2021 by Franklyn Helfinstine

You have just finished your book, sent out query letters and was rejected. What is left to do? You could give up, but I would not suggest this. Here's some brief ideas on how best to manage rejection.

Have a breather

You have probably been wondering and rattling your brain as to why you have rejected. Have a rest, not a long one. . .some time for a breather. If you continue to constantly analyze why you're rejected, you will drive yourself crazy. Plus. . .if you decide after rejections to keep on sending out new query letters, they might not be your very best work. Why you ask? As you may not produce your best work under all of the stress you have put yourself under within the rejections. You would not want more rejections as you didn't have the energy to send out your best sales pitch.

Self-esteem- Failure is not an option

You may be down in the dumps...this is clear, but do not let yourself be in the mood for a long time. Have you had others read your work? Did they enjoy it, love it? It's a fantastic idea to remember all of the advantages, rather than negatives. If everyone who did not get what they wanted the first time stop, do you know what we'd have? A whole lot of failures. They are not failures though for not getting it for the first time, instead they are if they cease.


Consider your favorite movie, song or book. But what if they stopped trying? That favorite song, book or film would not exist. If you give up, someone out there will not have a opportunity to have your job as a favorite. Consider It.

Bear in mind that rejection does not have to be the end of your trip if you don't let it be. All the Best.