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A Writer's Essential Tools

Posted on April 5, 2024 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Every writer needs certain tools to perform the task to be a writer. For a few, this is a simple range of equipment, basically paper and a writing instrument--a pencil or pen--and nothing more some require a typewriter or perhaps a computer and nothing more while still others require a special place with a particular ambiance--quiet, vocals, lighting, a cushty desk and chair, and a particular beverage--coffee, tea, etc., or like Faulkner, just a little whisky.

Today's writer will likely decide on a computer of some sort--desktop, laptop, or perhaps a PDA of some kind. Paper is not any longer an important because most work could be saved to a difficult drive or diskette, and delivered to it destination via the web. Tobacco is now obsolete as more folks are kicking the habit because of the health issues. Food continues to be an important, but others will forgo the whisky.

The computer has had a lot of the drudgery from writing. An excellent word processing program can be an essential and there are several out there however the two most typical and acceptable are Microsoft Word and Corel Wordperfect although other can be utilized. For the financially struggling author there's OpenOffice, that is a free program from: openoffice.org. It has all of the power and flexibility of the initial two mentioned along with having the ability to convert any file to PDF format that makes it easy for any platform to learn it whether PC or Mac.

Many experts advise a writer must have a dedicated invest which to create. I suppose that is true of the freelancer a lot more than the salaried scribbler. Perhaps this area is more conducive to the discipline had a need to put thoughts to paper or monitor screen, but definitely not every author will get this type of location. If the writer is really a harried housewife on a restricted budget in a restricted household, this area may be tricky to find, but it may be profitable to locate a spot and utilize it consistently to create writing a habit. Since human are habit oriented creatures, developing a writing habit look like an excellent approach.

Most writers also need other tools: a desk, a cushty chair, a dictionary, a thesaurus, pens and pencils, and paper of some kind for quick notes--notepad or secretary notebook--a calendar. Others require a radio, a CD player, or link with the media on the net and perhaps that little whisky that Faulkner found so helpful.

Like Faulkner, though, the fundamental tools are pencil or pen and paper. Several writer, plus some very famous ones, could create masterpieces with one of these simple bare necessities. The primary tools will be the writer's thoughts and ideas.