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Suspense Novels Made Easy

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Suspense novels are probably the easiest novels to write. Suspense novels require a simple formula, which will make your work truly suspenseful. Follow this basic recipe, and you are well on your way to creating a whole library of successful suspense novels.

- Pick your topic. Lots of folks wishing to craft best-selling suspense books struggle with this step. The biggest problem is they get too wound up in trying to think of something that's never been done, supposing that they will land a number one best seller. Forget trying so difficult to do something which has not been achieved, and just settle on something that you know, even if the topic was done. Then work on a fascinating twist.

- Start your suspense books at the end, as opposed to at the beginning. As is true with any fantastic job, effective suspense novels are crafted with the end in mind . Then the artist can come back to the start and start building to that end. This is the way quality suspense novels are made.

- If your suspense books have killers or conspirators, wait as long as you can show the perpetrators. In my first suspense novel, The League, my editor noticed that I revealed that the perpetrator about six chapters and ninety pages prior to the end. He also loved the story but stated it would be vastly improved, if I could keep the readers in suspense somewhat longer.

So, if you aspire to earn a fortune with suspense books, use this simple formula, and you are well on your way.