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The Blank Mind

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Many writers stare at the blank page or clean screen and await inspiration with a sense of hopelessness. That white page or screen is definitely challenging to fill, also it probably will continually be for some writers.

Writing is fatiguing work since it is the way to obtain great stress, great concentration, great thought, and an excellent expenditure of energy--mental, emotional, and physical.

Writing is stressful since it requires the writer to keep yourself updated that others will read what one writes and therefore pass judgment onto it. Writing is stressful when ideas and thoughts won't arrived at fill that blank page. Writing is stressful if the writer feels he must write yet cannot write. Writing is stressful as the writer is never certain of how effective the composition will undoubtedly be.

Writing requires thought. The writer must think about many elements as he writes: grammar, syntax, topic, theme, punctuation, spelling, and the rest of the factors which are necessary for effective, useful, and favorable writing whether it's fiction or non-fiction. Furthermore, this rational process must happen simultaneously as words are placed to paper or screen.

Because thought requires concentration, and concentration requires effort, and effort requires discipline, the writer is under significant amounts of pressure when they're attempting to express a concept in the simplest way. Writing is never easy though it could be easier at once rather than at another.

With each one of these impediments to conquering the blank page or screen, what must a writer do? The writer must start writing one word at the same time before flow comes, and the page or screen could be dominated--not easily--but it could be controlled.

With its filling, the agony diminishes.