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The Demon Fear

Posted on October 10, 2022 by Franklyn Helfinstine

Fear may be the key to a writer's procrastination, hesitation, and dawdling. It's the obstacle to production and success. So, so what can a writer do about any of it?

  • A writer can face it at once and admit it. Once admitted, it could be handled it. Needless to say, writers are fearful of failure, of ridicule, and of derision. Despite the fact that they don't admit it, they're fearful of how many other think about them, especially editors and also readers. Writers, like everyone, fear most those they don't know and who have no idea them.
  • Writers fear their inabiility, their capability with the English language, their knowledge of subject material, their insufficient understanding of the publishing world, and, primarily, their confidence in themselves.
  • Writers fear those that appear more intelligent than they're, those that tend to be more successful than they're, the ones that seem well informed than they're, and those who've a facility they don't have.
  • So, what's the answer? The solution is to try to put that good plan into words, to fully capture the essence of our concept, to forge ahead without considered consequences.

    However, the writer says, that's not easy. Right! It isn't easy; it needs fortitude, perseverance, and also daring, but to achieve success as a writer, it should be done. If that good plan is to arrived at fruition, it should be written. Writers cannot allow concern with failure become inertia.

    Writers must sit at his / her desk or computer and begin putting what to paper or screen. This is the only solution to overcome your fear.