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The Self-indulgent Writier

Posted on August 18, 2023 by Franklyn Helfinstine

A writer can't ever be self indulgent whether writing fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. If one writes and then please one's self, the probability of publication becomes remote. Editors and agents can be aware of this author quickly and dismiss such writing with a short rejection slip. Although self-gratification is definitely part of one's writing, it will not function as most crucial motive for writing. The reader, rather than the writer, is and really should be the most significant reason behind publication.

For writing to be significant it should be honest and thoughtful. If the writer is frank and pensive, it really is sure for connecting with the reader since it gets the reader at heart all the time. That is true of novels, short stories, essays, articles, along with poetry. Poets appear to acquire this empathy making use of their readers a lot more than do other writers even though some poets write limited to self-gratification and catharsis rather than for publication, but if such may be the case then that writing can be an avocation rather than a career. All types of writing must connect to the reader if one would be to seek publication.

Of course, writing as a lifetime career may be the main premise of the article. If one writes and then satisfy their urge expressing ideas or even to clarify ones thinking without considered publication, then your only reader would be the author, or perhaps a most chosen individual with whom to talk about. The career writer cannot and really should not think only of his / her reason behind writing; the reader must then function as major consideration.

If the professional author writes with regard to self-gratification or catharsis rather than for the respect and dignity of the reader, the task will undoubtedly be vacuous and inane. That thoughtlessness and self-centeredness will disillusion the reader and dismissal will inevitably follow. Unlike the poet, other writers should be logical, clear, and helpful in a few way--emotional, entertaining, informational, or educational--and in a method that the reader can simply understand.

Once a writer becomes self-indulgent, he becomes a prisoner of the mundane and the tiresome. In case a writer writes and then please her or him self, the reader will soon recognize that and can reject that author's work with somebody who is more highly relevant to their condition and state. As the writing is ordinary and mind numbing, it sentences the writer to rejection and rebuff.

Although self-indulgence can be done, it isn't desirable.

Any writer, to reach your goals, must avoid self-satisfaction and view the task with objectivity and ruthlessness, editing and rewriting with the reader solely at heart. This is actually the mark of a specialist writer.