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Trying Too Hard

Posted on April 16, 2023 by Franklyn Helfinstine

If you dread the very thought of writing, in the event that you fear your desk, and when you hate your personal computer, then you try too much.

If the idea of writing enables you to feel guilty, makes your heartbeat quicker, and enables you to sweat, you then are trying too much. Your writing has turned into a burden that inhibits your creativity, your thinking, as well as your production. This, needless to say, results in writer's block, the scourge of most writers.

If you avoid your desk--or table, or any place that you write--you are accumulating your torture rather and ameliorating it, that is another indication you are trying too much.

If you hate your personal computer or your typewriter (in case you are still using one), it becomes and evil entity that overpowers you and renders you useless as a writer. You're trying too much.

You try too hard once you become enthusiastic about your inability to create. Once the current project becomes an ordeal, you're trying too much. Then it's time to set that undertaking aside and begin another. No, it isn't time to have a rest, to procrastinate, also to stop writing; it's time to read, to plan a fresh undertaking--a new poem, a fresh story, a fresh article, etc.--to give your brain an escape from the overwhelming present piece, to take pleasure from a fresh perspective, also to relax your stifled creativity, but usually do not quit writing.