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Writing Tips for your Journey

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Franklyn Helfinstine

So, you'd like to become a writer? Congrats! Writing not only is a excellent way to express yourself, but can provide an income. Remember not all writers make a fortune, some still cant quit their day job. Below are a few suggestions to start your writing journey.

Start Writing

Okay, so this trick is obvious. For some, it is a question of what to write about, for others the best way to compose. Write how and what you need. What type of books do you like to read? Fiction, Mystery, science fiction, how to books? How about reports, articles, perhaps you're interested in journalism. Whatever the case may be, to get your creative juices flowing, start writing! Do not worry about how it sounds, grammar or other errors, you can return to resolve these.

Join online and offline groups/message boards and chats

If you already know what you want to write about, think about joining writer groups at the neighborhood library, or internet groups, together with message boards and chats. It's a wonderful way to network with other writers and published authors. It's also a fantastic place to talk about your work and get feedback. Many places on the internet are free to join, some need a membership which normally include a user name, email address and password for your username. Some request more information like a name, address and sometimes telephone number.

The Library

You have probably heard about a few books that authors refer to, this may be author niches, e-book publishing, self publishing and generally how to improve your own writing. However, what do you do if you can not afford to purchase these books from your local bookstore or on the internet? A visit to your library is fundamental. Many libraries carry author resource books, which if you've got a library card, are free. If you're living from the region, the library may require a fee for membership. The book you're searching for may not always be in the community library, however libraries borrow from other libraries in and out of country. The way of getting outside books is named Inter-Library Loan. Later on, if you find the book to be a terrific resource, you might have the ability to buy a used copy online.


The world wide web is also another fantastic resource for information. Bear in mind that not every source you find online will be an honest excellent resource. It takes some time to sort out which sites are useful. Most information is free, so you can sit back and research at the comfort of your residence. If you do not have a computer with Internet access, check the local library and see if you're able to use one of theirs.


Workshops taught by experts is a excellent way to learn from the professionals, but only if you can afford it! Make sure that the subject of the workshop is based around your interest. As an example, if you like fiction..it would not be a great idea to visit a workshop based just on non-fiction. It's a fantastic idea to register early to guarantee a spot at the event. Bring a new legal pad, and a couple of writing tools to take notes.


After writing some time, you might choose to enter contents. Some require an entrance fee. I suggest staying away from the entrance fee contents until you have entered any other free ones. This way you can get a sense of how contests work. Spend some time writing and re-writing your entries. If you have composed your entry in 5 or so minutes, th judges will notice it immediately. You would not want a reputation for sloppy work.